I want to preface this article by giving the homie Benji aka Secret Recipe GIANT props on this fuggin’ nuts new EP Ladders PT. 1.  I was sent this EP to choose a song to review, opened my Soundcloud to peep and amazing things happened.  I swooned, my mind sparkled with jubilation at the astounding, jaw dropping sound design.  

    Secret Recipe is no stranger to filtering sounds and beats.  He is a resident and co-founder of Wormhole, a prominent weekly event and music collective in Oakland.  His job consists of constantly procuring artists and connecting with the pulse of the community to provide fresh creators of music.  On top of that he pumps out more songs and fresh new content than almost anyone I know.  He is fully committed to upping the ante in our music scene and getting down on those beats.

      The track that first captured my writers heart was FROTH, it was an instant WOW. YES… this is the one for me.  Wonky, glitchy and weird is my heart and soul, my strong suit of what I connect with.  This track (and entire EP)  was everything I hoped for and more. I got no less than 5 moments of goosebumps on this track alone.  It is a beautifully arresting feverish ride.  The use of decorative smatterings of highs and lows blend to a symphony of magic that delighted my grey matter and tickled my fancy in the most fitting manner.

    This freshie 4 track Ladders EP is being released on Wormhole Music Group Jan 16th.   Peep this EP and more of Secret Recipes ultra talented madman brain on Soundcloud.  While you are at it give Wormhole some love as well!  Props, love and thanks to all involved to make the Underground scene poppin!  Shoutout to Nathaniel Parrott on the dope artwork.

Stay tuned for Ladders PT 2 which will be featuring some VIP’s and remixes; out soon in a wormhole near you! In fact if you’re in the Bay Area January 17th you can catch the release party for the EP at Wormhole Wednesday with Psymbionic, The Widdler, and Zipse.

Event Page Here!!