Straight from The We Got This endless bucket of icy coolness comes the newest heater to melt your ears – “Get Poppin” from BedroomTrax.  

   This duo from Portland, OR has been slammin’ diverse sounds and flexin’ sound rigs since 2015 with their no hold barred approach to making beats.  This new track is no exception to the myriad of sounds they are able to harness.

    Get Poppin is full of janky vibrations and flavorful slappin’ sounds; a guaranteed head bobber on repeat.  The diverse smatterings of knockin’ West Coast flavor molds this track to get the dance floor crackin’ off in a heartbeat.  Snaps and bursts of technique design this track to make it a surefire explosion skyrocketing the people to hyphy madness.

    Peep more from the talented duo BedroomTrax and The We Got This Crew on Soundcloud.  Mad props and respect to the We Got this Crew, holding down the Bay area’s massive scene.