Caribbean producer and DJ REX STAX recently released his highly anticipated urban dance remix for “Eternity Collide.” Originally born in East Germany when the Berlin Wall was still standing, DJ/Producer REX STAX — formerly known as Mr. E started his career with playing sets in clubs by the age of fifteen, and connecting with famed industry figures such as the Diplomats, DJ Montay, and DJ Jelly while still in the formative years of his career. After seeing the world thanks to a slew of international collaborations, Stax settled in the Caribbean several years ago where he connected with like-minded artists such as DØZE and Principe Baru. It was there that he created his acclaimed singles, the original “Eternity Collide,” “Lost in Times,” and “Trucos,” taking inspiration from the laidback lifestyle and scenic island landscapes and solidifying his new identity as a tropical urban music producer. Read this exclusive interview to find out more about what makes REX STAX unique and discover what he has in store for the future.

How did you come up with the concept for the “Eternity Collide” remix? 

The voices of the original song still addicted me to produce around with it, I felt like to bring in a whole new rhythm with some African / Latin kind of drums. I combined it with this uptempo bassline, which felt at the end like the whole opposite of the original laid back rhythm. … I was like, hey this is starting to sound great! I should go on and complete this. But whatever I did with the hook, I always missed the original melody. It’s just so Caribbean.

Where did you come up with the name REX STAX? 

My friends and I came up one day with the name REX and REX STAX just “rolled off the tongue.”


What draws you to create your style of music? And how would you describe this style? 

I have lived in the Caribbean for the last couple of years. The vibe is always positive vibe in general. The Caribbean music scene is more focused on rhythm and percussions, which definitely inspires me. I was lucky to travel around the world as a DJ, so I was able to experience music and cultures from many different places. All this influences get in my mind mixed like a cocktail, so I describe my style as tropical with a touch of electronic and urban music.

What are your top 5 favorite records to play (all time)?

Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean”

Bob Marley – “I Shot the Sheriff”

Buena Vista Social Club – “Chan Chan”

Damian Marley – “Welcome to Jamrock”

Nas – “If I Ruled the World” (feat. Lauryn Hill)

Is there anything else you want your fans to know? 

I want my fans to understand that my music comes from a really personal environment. I am not a part of any popular trend. And, because I am not a part of any particular trend, I am not a hype monster. I just make authentic music and always want to bring in a new sound and style, something different. Sometimes it makes it harder for me to finish my productions. I really do appreciate the fans that have had my back. I appreciate my fans for all of their support and for showing an interest.

What are some things your fans can look forward to in the near future? Do you have any big plans for 2018 and beyond? 

I am working on a couple of projects right now, and some of them will be released soon. For example, more songs with DØZE, the band I already collaborated with on “Eternity Collide” and “Lost In Times”. Besides that, I am working on a couple of urban/tropical music projects with a very fresh sound, which I can’t wait to release.

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