Luxuriate in this diverse ecosystem of sounds…

From the inky depths of the squishy squashy ocean emerges this EP, craftily structured by Resonant Language for Aquatic Collective.  As we wade through this ebbing and surging composition, he breeds an extraordinary texture that is quite beyond compare.  We are presented with an atmosphere of mysterious abstract depth which is accompanied by deep rooted aura of an experience.  My ears were enriched by the many complex tones, from a thickness you wallow through, to the sound design consistency of a pocket of air.

    This whole EP is an array of crunchy, chewy, and watery beats masterfully layered to quench a deep deluge of thirst.  It is chock full of beauty and grace, like watching a rare extraordinary fish flit freely through the deep.  It satiated my soul as if I had risen to the top of the water in search of food, and was granted my deepest wish of nourishment.

    I was buoyed by a sense of color, spirit, taste and flavor that makes me a giant fan of all things Resonant Language.  He gives tonality and semblance to verbalizing sounds coming together, making sense in the most beguiling way.  Peep more from this ultra talented producer on his Soundcloud.

    100% of proceeds from this EP downloads will go to the Coral Reef Alliance (www.coral.org), a non-profit that takes a multi-pronged approach for the study, protection, and monitoring of coral reefs.  Listen up and donate to this worthy cause.