If you’ve been anywhere near a computer lately then I’m sure you already know there’s been tons of great music coming out this week. So why stop!? Today we’re excited to bring you a tune from an up and coming producer out of Boston by the name of Maxfield. His “Sonorous” EP comes out on Wormhole Music Group next Tuesday but we have a special sneak peek before the drop to wet your whistle.

“Sea Critter” is a more than an appropriate name for this sodden and squelchy glitch banger. I love how it just jumps right in to the madness after barely putting a toe in the proverbial water. Porpoises or dolphins make up the aqueous foundations of this tune; Maxfield expertly splices their whistles and squeaks with highly developed sound design and crunked out synths. The fluctuation of Cetacea communication and alien-like production techniques make for a wild and wet adventure while maintaining enough solid equilibrium to be played loud on some proper rigs. It sounds like the inspiration for “Sonorous” comes from a deeply personal place and the energy and intensity can be felt throughout the whole EP. If you’re feeling “Sea Critter” definitely be sure to check out the rest of the EP 12/19 as it is just as dope and spans the broad spectrum of electronic music.