Ohhhhhhh WEEEEEE was I super STOKED when I was presented with the honor to sneak peek (omfg! What? YAY!) and review any track of my choosing from one of my personal fave duo’s Moniker in their premiere EP for Sleeveless Records called Rubicon.  This proved to be an undeniably difficult decision since all 5 tracks are certified FLAMES-bangin’-jaw-dropping magic.

    So I quickly set about with my ace task.  I listened, listened and listened 3 more times (yes, it’s that good and I am that indecisive) when I finally settled on the last track of the EP called Mad Clips.   

    Mad Clips emerges with a beautifully simple and clean wind instrument, then turns into a chill inspiring, longingly poetic weighty tune.  It’s strewn with portly beefy basslines with undertones of darkness that suits my fancy for dramatic beats. This track seemed to be written with a particular mood in mind, a burning, fraught with craving and longing for something that can be dictated by the listeners’ feels.  

    I will tell you readers, this whole EP is so long awaited by me and underground bass music scene. I am so thrilled for new content from these two.  Monikers Mondays were a bright spot in my week so I am so pleased to say that I can see how far they have come, yet they cling to the same style that made me adore them in the first place.

DO NOT SLEEP ON THESE BOI’S named Moniker, they have been and are changing the game.  BIG UPS Brandon and Jacob!

Much love from a longtime fan,


Catch Moniker on their 2018 tour!