Zipse has been a good friend of Euphoric for many years now and it’s our great pleasure to premiere his newest tune and the title track to his forthcoming EP “Gotta Blast”. The slow and heavy 6 track EP captures the vintage minimal dubstep sound perfectly, resurrecting and reforming it into a new timeless version with enough bass to drop on a dance floor. Just press play below to see what we mean.

Zipse keeps it wubby in his latest release utilizing an array of different vocal samples to keep the tune animated while the weighty, low-end bass shrouds it with a deep subterranean vibe. A continuous oscillation permeates the chest cavity with the occasional fluctuation, keeping it interesting and dance floor friendly. If this tune resonates with your chakras then we definitely recommend peeping the rest of the EP out in full this Wednesday from the fine folks at We Got This Music!