The winning tracks from Outtallectuals‘ WarpBall video game soundtrack competition have been slowly oozing out of the primordial ether and we’re happy to say the newest one is available now on Euphoric. Haquin is a UK based producer and instrumentalist whose glitchy psychedelic style perfectly encapsulates alternative realities, one of which is WarpBall. “Control” emanates a vast and ethereal soundscape with the dynamic dnb percussion giving it a sense of urgency while the orchestra-like synth work creates an ominous and curious feel. Futuristic background noises intertwine with sophisticated sound design in an alien bass amalgamaion. One doesn’t even need a computer in front of them to feel like they’re in a video game.

“Warpball” is a 20-track quantum/space-themed collection of tracks to be featured as the soundtrack of a game of the same name by game developers, Unruly Attraction. Some of the players featured include but are not limited to: Mr. Bill, 5AM, Halfred, Duffrey, HullabaloO and more. They’re slowly being leaked to the public by our friends the OUTTALLECTUALS so don’t miss out.