Forward thinking producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ – Sepalot – returns to chat with Euphoric about his eclectic and contemporary album “SEEK”, as well as his new jazz quartet, plans for 2018, and more in this exclusive interview!

Euphoric: Seek is the second installment to your diptych album Hide/Seek. Would you say the two separate halves pose a juxtaposition to each other or are they complementary?
Sepalot: The two albums definitely pose a juxtaposition. Both albums together complete my my musical intentions for this project.
There are some truly magical jazz influences that are prominent throughout your music. Are you a multi-instrumentalist? If so, which instruments are your favorite to play around with?
I play a bit piano and drums but my main instrument is my studio. This is were my musical DNA is at home…and yes I love the Jazz;-). In 2018 I go on tour with my own Quartet (Drums, Bass, Trumpet and me on the Rhodes, MPC and Turntables). I’m really looking forward to bring my studio work on stage.

Where do you draw the inspiration for your compositions from?

A big inspiration is always the music of other people. I’m still DJing and I have a radio show, so I always have to search for something new. On the road I get a lot of inspiration.

Seek is your second solo album this year as  and your sixth total. If you had to sum it up in 5 words what would they be?

Sorry but I have no idea!

That was actually 6 words but who’s counting?! 😉 Do you have a favorite track from the album? If so, why?

That’s a hard. Mmh.. I think “Tear it Down” is one of my favorites. With the nervous synth pad and micro chops it is weightless but the heavy and soft bass holds it down like tons. I like music that has two sides.

Ah yes! A juxtaposition just like the two part “Hide/Seek” albums! Who are some artists you’ve been enjoying listening to or seeing perform lately?

I like the new WebWeb and the COW album, both are coming out on Compost Records very soon. COW has a great live performance too. The latest Sinkane album is great too.

What’s in store for Sepalot in 2018?

My next project is composing the score for a 90 minute movie. I’m really looking forward to this.Live I will focus on my Jazz-Fusion-Quartet. This is going to be great! Have a look: