It’s Friday and boy do we have a special treat for you! Up and coming artist Aotu puts a futuristic spin on the epic banger “Spells” by beat hustlers KRANE and graves. Though now residing in L.A. this avid producer started making “cinematic club music and electronic pop from a mountaintop in Vermont”. His latest “mini-remix” of Spells is just that. A cinematic soundscape greets listeners before dropping into a flurry of high energy synths, blazing horns and a solid 808 back beat. Aotu said “I loved the lead and drums in the original, and I wanted to see how hard and aggressive of a beat I could make work in this short remix. The goal was to create a crazy contrast, with thick texture and percussion layers to tickle my ears.” We think he got the juxtaposition just right. One part mellow and eerie; the other high octane banger. Blap! Check out Aotu’s socials for more dope music!