Eugene, Oregon is just brimming with talented individuals dabbling in a vast landscape of unique mediums. One of those is an up and coming producer by the name of Kahji and if you haven’t heard his music yet now you have the chance. “Full Speed Ahead” is his latest tune and an exclusive Euphoric release that we’re stoked to bring to your ears today. Deep and dark vibes greet listeners as Kahji builds momentum in anticipation of the first drop of this futuristic banger. When it hits, bass gods be praised. It’s tasteful yet dirty; dynamic but comprehensible; and full of dope alien sound effects. If you think you have an idea of what’s happening in this tune just wait until it hits the three quarter mark. Kahji takes us on a full fledged bass exploration touching on a variety of styles and tying them together like a pro. It’s one of those tunes you can listen to again and again, noticing something different each time. Now we just need to hear it live on a proper rig.

Kahji will be warming up the decks tonight in Eugene for the one and only Minnesota at Hi-Fi Music Hall! If you’re in the area, don’t miss out.