ONHELL ONHELL ONHELL is what this mixtape of 10 dope remixes are SCREAMIN’ in my ears.  This tape is DIRTY as hell, ONHELL.  These beats got this blue haired trap mami’s head bobbin’ and weavin’.  From remixes ranging from AJ Tracey to Lil Uzi Vert he skillfully tips his hat to some serious heavy hitter in the Hip hop world.



Top 3 Notable track mentions that just tore it up for me (Insert Airhorn noise):

Gucci Man – Freaky Gurl (Onhell Remix) – GUUUUUCCI WHAT? Gucci who? …is more like it, nawhatimean?  Cause after hearing this dope remix I forgot what the original sounded like.

Lil Noid – Load My Clip (Onhell Remix) – OHHHH weeeee!  The beat is so TITE on this track. The chimes/bells were calling my name.  This blends dark and dangerous, yet it remains eerily adorned with a pretty atmosphere.

FLAMES OF FIRE remix winner, (IMHO):

Tommy Wright III – 4 Corners Part 2 (ONHELL Remix)  ONHELL slayed this track for me.  Straight murked it.  Dank, dirty, talks about killings, drivebys, and I approve because that’s exactly what this remix album did.  It drove by and shot me right in the heart <3

+10 BONUS points for track #5 Interlude, where he kicks it OG with a collection of interview clips with featured artists.  I approve. FULLY.

Peep all 10 remix tracks on Soundcloud for free download & keep listen to all things ONHELL.