Atari Kush premierYou know that feeling when you’re driving down the windy highway and suddenly you feel like you’re in a live-action version of Mario Kart?

Other cars are bobbing and weaving, an orange cone pops up out of nowhere, and Princess Peach keeps babbling on about her nails. But as you’re cruising along toward the finish line, a dope new theme song comes on to get you through the race. It’s energizing, it’s raw, and it’s called Atari Kush” by Mark Instinct.

This new track comes out of the Calgary native’s lab with a chunky beat that falls into that West Coast Bass bucket we all love. Its glitchy bassline progressively just keeps building, and you can’t help but feeling like you’re winding up to fight a boss in your favorite old school game.

Mark Instinct is yet another Canadian artist making the connections in the Bay Area, and we can’t get enough of it. He’s touring in the US this winter, so no doubt he’ll stop in the Bay – he’s headlining Wormhole Wednesday on November 29. Details on other dates to come – we’ve got an inkling he’ll stick around for more than one date with us.