There is something mesmerizing about Rocky Heron’s new single “Can’t Help Myself.” Rocky’s minimalistic urban pop production mixes perfectly with his poetic and breathtakingly beautiful R&B infused vocals. His sound is fresh, sexy, and soulful. “Can’t Help Myself” is the second single off of Rocky’s forthcoming highly anticipated EP Nuffa Love, which will be released on December 1st. At its core, the track is about those moments in life when you know from experience that you are about to give your power away to something or somebody, and allow yourself to do it anyway. “Can’t Help Myself” was co-written and produced by Trap Noir.


The son of an acclaimed reggae musician and an alternative medicine woman, Rocky grew up surrounded in a rich tapestry of musical influences. In addition to being a talented musician and vocalist, Rocky is also a world-renowned yoga teacher and trainer. Rocky has had the pleasure of performing his music around the world at yoga studios, festivals, and conferences.

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