Hailing from Reno Nevada, MotorHome Music‘s mantra is “Making Sweet love to your earholes with  music and causing your booty to shake uncontrollably”. Having been a tastemaker of electronic music in northern Nevada for nearly a decade, playing genre defying beats alongside some of the biggest names in the biz, he’s quite adept at doing just that. Case in point is his newest and dare we say most exciting production yet – “Bike Gang”.


“Bike Gang” is a unique and flavorful tune chock full of low end bass, worldly vibrations and a sort of Bollywood dance hall swagger. In a fusion of multiple styles MotorHome creates a dance floor friendly track that’s as fun and lively as it is interesting. A minimalist beat sets a solid foundation upon which layers of intoxicating vocals are set, marinated in a deep and sexy bass ether. MHM did a really good job of creating something completely outside the box; an enjoyable and uplifting tune for you to groove to. We highly recommend grabbing this one for free download!

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