It’s been a minute since we’ve released any exclusive music, but today we break the bass-fast and have the perfect track with which to do so. “Patron Potty” emerges from the depths like a bad dream, with an erie lullaby that’s as creepy as it is catchy. After a quick drum fill comes the 808 beat and some trapped out snares which lead listeners even farther down the sonic rabbit hole. Toss in some trippy hip hop undertones for the build up…and then the bass drops like whoa. Wonky synths and a sexy bass line make for a sophisticated experimental trap banger that’s both tough and refreshing. Break out the Patron and vodka for this one folks because it’s a party starter, no doubt! If you think this tune is fresh be sure to check out the full “Debauchery” EP – available 11/30 from the fine folks at Modern Illusion!