Halloween is right around the corner and Euphoric has dialed in a very special lineup for this year’s festivities. On October 29th, at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, PartyWave, Pacific Patterns, and The Pirate will be gracing the decks for A Spooky Sunday! Each of these artists will be bringing their unique sound to one of our favorite venues in town and we couldn’t be more excited.


To get you Euphoric listeners amped up for the coming shenanigans we’ve teamed up with Pacific Patterns to release a fresh track ahead of the show. This slightly unconventional remix of “Sapphire Drama” is a flip on the original tune by Zero Tep and is the perfect way to get ready for Halloween. Creative composition and interesting sound design compliment each other over an almost oriental melody and sick beat pattern. By using many elements from a slew of various electronic music styles Pacific Patterns manifests a bonkers track that is unclassifiable yet highly enjoyable. It’s like science meets bass; intelligent dance music at its best. But don’t take my word for it. Head on down to Moe’s on the 29th and see these boys do what they do best. Oh and don’t forget your costume! 😉

Tickets for A Spooky Sunday are only $10 right now. Grab them HERE!