Written by: Taylor B. Wilson

Deep inside every music lover there is a safe holding a little bit of every feeling. While containing so much to be released and shared, far and few can manage to do so. A key has a been found for this “myth” of a safe in the hands of an artist named Shuhandz. The Asheville-based, multi-genre producer and DJ has graced listeners with releases of the first two singles off an upcoming Apex – EP with High Flown. The tracks are nothing short of spectacular and can only indicate a perfect blend of intensity, comfort and drive for the remainder of the album.

‘Apex’ is the first track and instantly draws one in with a soft intro that quickly drops onto a deep level. A strong dynamic framework allows the track to keep the listener engaged and curious of what could be next. As well, the mind can wander with the easy ups and downs complimented by the slight yet beautiful vocal ambience. This track will cut deep, but rest assured that it’ll come back for a swift, clean healing.

The second track, ‘Reflectionz’, takes listeners for a bit more of a ride rather than the previous track’s “send-off” effect. A faster tempo and silky-smooth percussion blanket lend to the desire to lean back and close one’s eyes with a full sense of tranquility. Upon entering this complete relaxation, the angelic vocals of Ellie Hartye (a.k.a. De Moura) warm and cool the soul like a light breeze on a perfect sunny day. Then just like that, you’re back.

Please feel encouraged to take a listen and show support for these wonderful artists. ‘Apex’ and ‘Relfectionz’ can both be streamed via Soundcloud links provided below. As well, support can be extended to Shuhandz, High Flown and Ellie Hartye via Facebook and Soundcloud links provided below. Stay tuned for the full Apex – EP coming October 11!