It should come as no surprise that G Jones and Eprom would tear up Santa Cruz’s Catalyst Club. The pair have already hit several cities on the first leg of their B2B tour with Mad Zach, and it’s almost a point of pride to know that they’ll descend on other areas of the US to spread the West Coast Bass gospel.

Sept 30

To add to the excitement, G Jones and Eprom have been working on their split EP, “Acid Disk,” which comes out on October 20. A night out in Santa Cruz, the Catalyst’s recently upgraded sound system, and the prowess of three Bay Area-based bass DJs turned into a wild delight for music lovers.

Mad Zach warmed up the dance floor with trap, bass, and even pulled out some DNB tracks for listeners. If his set gave any indication of his future prospects, let’s just say fans should keep tabs on this DJ. Mad Zach had partygoers dancing early on into his set and was a great warm-up for the madness that was about to come.

Mad Zach1

Eprom took the stage to pick up where Mad Zach left off, throwing down heavy, trippy basslines. He played plenty of tracks off of his recently released EP, “Pineapple.” Eprom’s set was a fun preview of what was to come his B2B to come with G Jones later.

G Jones immediately brought his gangsterish, drippy alien grooves out and delivered an energetic set that had fans going. He didn’t miss an opportunity to drop his trippy new track, “Help! I Can’t Find My Way Out,” which felt like it turned the dancefloor into a big wormhole for a moment.

After G Jones’ set, it seemed like it couldn’t get any better… until his B2B with Eprom got going. G Jones and Eprom kept dropping heater after heater, barely giving the audience a moment to catch their breath between dance moves. They also shared “Hysteria” off their new album with fans. It’s evident that the pair have some real synergy when it comes to making music and rocking a crowd.

Bay Area residents have missed their shot to catch G Jones, Eprom, and Mad Zach live this time around, but we certainly hope they’ll play more shows in the area in 2018. In the meantime, give these tastemakers a follow and keep an eye out for G Jones and Eprom’s forthcoming EP, “Acid Disk.”

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