Wind down your weekend with this chillaxing tune from electronic duo Halfspun! “G.T.R.5″ subsumes real live guitar playing, hand drums, vocal samples and catchy EDM synths making for a tranquil way to kick back and relax. From the beginning of the tune one would almost think it was a jam band loosening up before a gig but by the half way mark they’re fusing together tasteful electronic music production with their organic components.

Halfspun is the result of the combined efforts of Alan Passmore and Saveon Washington. Gathering inspiration from all corners of the world, Halfspun seeks to combine the rhythms and melody’s of many different cultures, exploring the uninvestigated in a musical territory not yet discovered. “At the end of the day if we can make one person’s day a little better with one of our songs, then we have done our job.” I would say they’ve completed their mission with this one. Grab “G.T.R.5. for FREE DL today!