“Everybody”, the superb new premiere from Stephan Jacobs and Pockitz, is the epitome of futuristic bass music. These two heavyweight producers absolutely hit it out the park with this one, incorporating both organic and synthetic components. Fusing together entrancing melodies with earth shattering 808’s and tasteful vocal samples these collaborators manifest something altogether otherworldly. Each twist and turn of this epic auditory adventure is beautifully composed and crisply executed; It’s one of those sonic experiences we never want to end. Embodying all that we love about forward thinking, soundsystem-oriented music, “Everybody” embraces both dance floor friendly aspects as well as creatively inclined elements that will have production nerds geeking out. There’s a little something for Everybody. The remaining two tracks from the “Holdin’ It Down“ EP are just as stellar. Head on over to Street Ritual for the full release!

Download the full EP HERE for the fine price of FREE!