Colorado is chock full of awesome activities from river rafting to snowboarding, from smoking chronic weed to hitting up epic shows and festivals. One of the crews out there with their finger on the pulse happens to be our good friends at the Mile High Sound Movement. These cats have been throwing forward thinking shows and releasing cutting edge music for years and really embody the Colorado sound. We’re amped to be able to premiere this sick tune “Switch” from their record label today by the live electronic duo Mass Relay!

Mass Relay is a part of the MHSM artist collective and are known for electric performances focusing on live instrumentation and improvisation. One needs to look no further than this classy banger “Switch” to hear their fantastical techniques of funky guitar riffs embedded with distorted bass lines and filthy sound design. Smooth horns juxtapose with crunchy synths and a smooth glitch hop glaze is offset by DnB percussion. A deep understanding of production software and music theory makes for a dynamic tune that will have your brain twerking as hard as your body. Mass Relay has always been a favorite of mine but no joke their forthcoming Necromancer EP is on another level. Keep an ear to the ground for the full drop September 19th!

Check out this live video of Mass Relay performing another song from the Necromancer EP!

If you’re in Denver you can catch Mass Relay doing their thing at Cervantes this Friday alongside Ott & The ll-Seeing I, Supersillyus, and HAANA!