Hailing from one of the most beautiful places in the world, which also happens to be an incubator of forward thinking bass music, is a Tahoe producer by the name of Virul Genetix. Known to many as VGNX, this audio architect has been keeping himself busy. He’s cofounder of The Likquid Project and a resident artist at Wormhole Tahoe amongst other things. The latest endeavor from this mad beat scientist is his “Taboo” EP forthcoming on Street Ritual tomorrow. But why wait until then when you can hear this special premiere of “Drizzle” right now!?

One of five dope tunes, “Drizzle” combines that smooth flavor of the hyphy movement with cutting edge sound design and the tasteful glitch hop style we’ve come to love from VGNX. The whole track flows with a molasses-like viscosity dripping with steez and marinating the ear drums. Crisp bass hits with a subterranean deepness engulfing listeners into a sonic stupor. I don’t know about you but when I hear fresh bass music overlaid with Mac Dre acapella I get excited. Full “Taboo” EP drops tomorrow in full. Get after it!

Download TABOO for free!