The Blue Mountains were one of those places that always mystified my imagination. The way J.R.R. Tolkien would describe them in The Lord of the Rings always had me captivated and thinking of far off lands. Now, many years later, I feel a similar sensation about a sound coming out of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales in Australia. There an artist by the name of Dysphemic has been dropping some heat, consistently leveling up his skills with every release. The latest of which, ZEUS, is a finely tuned, neuro-marinated full length album that straddles the broad spectrum of genres from the “EDM” world.

Released via Gravitas Recordings, ZEUS is an all encompassing masterpiece that spans the bass horizon from tribal glitch hop to high octane DnB to technical halftime and beyond. In a sophisticated blend of styles, Dysphemic takes listeners on a full spectrum voyage lathered in intricate instrumentation, worldly vibes, and a stunning understanding of music production. Songs like “The Hunted’ exhibit growling undertones and aggressive sound design while others such as “Space God” meld video game-like syths with exquisite percussion and a pounding bass line. “Phoenix” ft. Yiani Treweeke is probably my personal favorite but the entire album is an eclectic batch of fire tunes worth listening to in full. To be dysphemic is to suffer an impairment in the ability to speak…but if you count music as a language this producer has plenty to say…and I think we can hear it all just fine 😉