If you haven’t already been listening to the Saturate Records Volume 6 Compilation then what are you even doing with yourself?! This massive release includes 30 freakin’ tracks from some of bass music’s most forward thinking producers from around the globe. Melding international sounds and styles together Volume 6 is the future of electronic music all neatly compiled in one place for your listening convenience. Now this is a lot harder than it sounds, but if we had to pick one track to try to sum up the compilation it might just be “Paranoia”, the insane banger from West Coast producer CRIMES! In an amalgamation of influences such as dubstep and trap, CRIMES! blends futuristic sound design with some straight up gangsta shit manifesting 4 minutes of mind blowing audio. We could go on but honestly you just need to listen for yourself. You can grab the entire comp for name your own price right HERE!!