“PUPA” is the dank new tune from Petaluma based electronic musician LITLBIRD. This capable producer combines trap, soul, jazz, and gritty texturized glitches into a full bodied visceral experience. One has to look no further than his latest premiere to get a taste of this. “PUPA” is a melting pot of powerful sound design, wubby undertones and a haunting soundscape; all part of an intricate sonic transformation of psychedelic proportions. His full Exoskeleton EP will be available from Wormhole Music Group August 1st.
“LITLBIRD has hatched from his shell and evolved into something more than avian, creeping along like an alien insect with his delightfully dark new “Exoskeleton EP” featuring some of this fresh young producer’s finest work to date. Graduating from Larva to Pupa and all the way through Chrysalis, LITLBIRD seamlessly blurs a distinction between soaring eagle and blissful butterfly with tunes that are melodically profound while still managing to be altogether gritty and grotesque simultaneously. This EP is sure to bug you out, so be sure to follow LITLBIRD as he sheds his exoskeleton and flies off into new horizons in cutting edge bass music.” You can catch him doing just this at Stilldream this weekend!!