With an illuminating intro consisting of a soft and mellow vibe, artist hoven. paints a musical watercolor of sound accompanied by a deep melodic bassline. The Santa Cruz/Truckee dweller collaborated with friend and fellow producer Cambot in their release of “Black Olives.” The track takes you through sequences of various sound patterns and synths, becoming more simplistic and acute as the track develops. Along with this track, both artists have recently brought forth releases through W.Ø.D.A. a music label created by bass artist Brío.

In addition to hoven. and Cambot, the collective consists of artists such as Mike Jones, highend., and Concentrate. Within the group, circulating artistic creations don’t just end with music; many of the cover images for the artists tracks have been illustrated by Rennie Lembo and Sayler McBean, who designed the art for “Black Olives” . Taking a deeper look into the W.Ø.D.A Worldwide page, there is a gold mine of talent being displayed by each and every artist, each embracing their own style of sound and meaning that comes with it. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from these forward-thinking producers and their emerging label.