Stemming from the depths of Boulder, Colorado emerges psy-bass artist Soulacybin. Blending together a plethora of psychedelic funk, glitch hop, and surreal underwater-like synths, the artist creates a perfected fusion of wonky basslines and textured notes in his release of “Slug Cuddles.” From beginning to end, the artist compiles various modulations that make for an upbeat and detailed track. A trip throughout Soulacybin’s Soundcloud continues to showcase the talent he beholds not only for bass and electronic music production, but for multiple genres beyond. Each track seems to be created with precision and attention to fluidity, incorporating elements from various styles of music, including futuristic sound design and oriental flare.

Bringing forth a collection of beautifully composed midtempo tunes, Soulacybin’s album release is sure to please the ears of glitch lovers and psy-funk fans alike. With both his recent release of album Alien, Baby and brand new release of Slug Cuddles via label Street Ritual, Soulacybin is making undeniable moves in the realm of bass music. Along with the excitement for this album comes anticipation for all that is in store for the artist. You can grab the entire Slug Cuddles EP today.