Reno native bass artist CØmadØse emits a style of music that combines old school hip hop style with some new age trap and shanti funk. In various tracks and mixes he has created, there is a clear pattern of love for the 808 strung heavily throughout. In his track “Remains,” he drapes a collection of simple yet hard hitting synths over a stream of eerie and elongated treble notes. The track is layered into different moods, one being light and somewhat melodious while the other is looming and cryptic.

With a number of new releases and collaborations with artists such as Cambot and Redublic, CØmadØse is on the rise with his music production. The artist also belongs to multiple music labels including Modern Illusion and Good Nature Collective. If you want to hear more from him, you can peep his original soundcloud as well as his alter soundcloud “Quails” or catch him rinsing a b2b set with Redublic at this years Organic Fest