It’s hard to imagine just what “Circus Crunk” is until you hear it. Once you do, it’s hard to describe a DJ like Mr. Jennings–and his self-described circus crunk music–as anything else. Based out of Richmond, Virginia, he just released his latest EP, Make It So and it’s a four track ring of (third-eye) sights and sounds to entertain the mind.

Just as the title infers, Mr. Jennings makes these four tracks with a little of everything for everyone while still keeping them fresh and unique. He manages to capture the k-hole wonkiness of bass with the rolling energy of glitch leaving the listener womping out while shaking what their momma gave them. He even throws some jazz tempo and stand-up bass samples in track 4, “Goldberry Crunch,” a collaboration with Akasha.

From wooks to gypsies to the casual festy kid who just likes to dance, Make It So grabs the creative mind and runs with it, engaging its audience on a dirty auditory trip like no other. We don’t know if he took the name from Picard’s famous, reoccuring line in Star Trek: The Next Generation but when this is playing, we can easily seen the Starship Enterprise travelling through the galaxy of the mind at warp speed.