Residing on the West Coast with a style somewhere between alien frequencies and experimental future beats – exists a producer by the name of Metapød. This ambitious artist has been making some waves lately with releases on Wormhole Music Group, ThazDope Records, and ShadowTrix Music to name a few. His newest premiere of ‘Yungpøe’ comes just days before he drops his LEEK EP, and it’s probably our favorite tune of the bunch. In his signature style of weird wonky future bass music, Metapød delivers.

In this latest track listeners are greeted with pew pew lazer synths and an ominous build up accompanied by a variety of comical sound effects from horses to cartoon characters. But it’s not all fun and games. ‘Yungpøe’ quickly drops into some proper wubby bass music with heavy 808’s and a subterranean atmosphere. Metapød does a satisfactory job of incorporating a wide array of distinct elements into one track and still having it sound nice and tight. Keep an ear to the ground for Metapød’s LEEK EP, dropping soon.