Hailing from Arcata California, and molding bass heavy hip hop beats with experimental and etherial synths, is a sonic story teller by the name of Esch. Today we have a special debut premiere of “Rebellion”, an out of the box percussion laden track, from Esch’s forthcoming album “Radiant Child”. “Radiant Child” is a project conceived from Esch’s own experience living with the guilt of having an abortion with someone he loved. Through his music the album tells the story of an artists’ life living with these emotions. “Rebellion” specifically is about trying to escape being confined to these circumstances. I think he captures that emotion and the contrast to some of the other songs on the EP makes for a compelling journey. The official release date for the album ‘Radiant Child’ is August 17th and will be released through Phantom Wave Records.

Esch is known as not only an eclectic producer but a solid performer as well. Testament to this is his Northern Nights Music Festival 2017 mix. Featuring a fresh blend of hip hop, trap, juke and other forward thinking music the mix is reminiscent of the Northern Nights line up itself. Grab tickets HERE before it’s too late!