Coming in hot today is a fresh new exclusive titled “Dip iT Low”  from Los Angeles producer inkBlot! A lover of dolphins and heavy bass lines inkBlot made his way to L.A. by way of Washington DC. In his newest release he conjures up a bouncy hybrid trap track with smooth 808’s and elegant snare work that will immediately crush the dance floor. Glittering synths pepper the track offering a hypnotic auditory experience. By utilizing chopped up vocal samples – and I’m pretty sure I heard an elephant and maybe a dolphin or two – inkBlot not only adds a bit of organic chemistry to the equation but uses the sounds as actual instrumentals, a technique I’ve been growing very fond of. All I know is if he ever gets to name a dolphin he should name it slapper after this tune 😉 Check out his Soundcloud for more dope beats!

Artwork by inkBlot.