Today’s electronic music can get real monotonous at times if you’re not constantly putting in that work digging for freshies. So it’s always nice to come across something distinctive that makes you take a step back and go “Whoa what the f#(%?!”. Enter Eyeseeu, an accomplished and prolific producer hailing from Los Angeles, California, whose special blend of trippy bass music comfortably resides outside of the box. Look, or listen rather, no further than this premiere of ‘The Machine’ to see what we mean.

In his unique “post genre” approach to music Eyeseeu brings a creative and psychedelic style that combines state of the art soundscapes with clever fills and innovative field sample type noises. The oriental instrumentation of the second half of ‘The Machine‘ was my wtf moment. It definitely took me by surprise and pleasured my ear holes in ways unexpected. Combined with the futuristic sound design and experimental effects this crazy tune is truly one of a kind. Eyeseeu’s newest EP ‘Sour Patch‘ is actually available today from the good people at Wormhole Music Group.