Within recent months, LA native bass artist Milan has been releasing track after track, all of which being absolute heaters. I got the pleasure of discovering these tracks via Good Nature Collective, a music label co-founded by Milan. One of his newest tracks “Enemies” will be released on his first ever EP coming out June 30th. Upbeat instrumentals start the track off, blending in some tribal style noises into the background. Leading into the drop of the track comes a wonky, hard hitting continuance of synths and compressed lyrical notes. A change of pace takes place midway through the track, slowing it down while throwing in a spacey dynamic. A simple beat closes out the end of the song and at this point I’m mind blown and only thinking about how this would sound on a precious set of funktions. The intricate sound design of the track paired with a bold and unique mixture of musical styles and intervals makes for a complete banger in my book. From what can be heard throughout his Soundcloud page already, it is safe to say that Milan is an artist you do not want to sleep on.


Milan will be releasing his EP Enemies on June 30th. You can also hear more from him through his collaborations with Sam Delgado as BD HBT, as well as at his three upcoming shows:


7/3-7/4: Mayhem Presents Dion Timmer – Los Angeles, CA


7/7-7/9: Jackson Tree 3.0 Summer Gathering – Mojave, CA


7/11-7/14: Organic Fest 2017 – Wilseyville, CA