Among countless other single releases and collaborations, Santa Cruz based artist Brío has finessed yet another hard hitting beat. From beginning to end, “Black Pedals” blends together intense and powerful sounds while keeping playful and robotic undertones intact – a style that is often found in many tracks throughout Brío’s original library. To start off, the track has a somewhat melodic intro, lasting only a moment before leading into the initial heavy drop. By including vocal snippets into the body as well as some elongated snares, the track becomes a perfect blend of wonky and intensive. The end of the track finishes off with panning detail to some eccentric and bouncy phonetic noises.

With the release of this track, it only brings more excitement for what’s to come from this artist on his forthcoming EP and beyond. Not only is he a highly skilled producer and dancer, but Brío has also founded his own “collective of all talents,” W.Ø.D.A, that currently includes 9 radically talented individuals, most stemming from the West Coast. Needless to say, Brío is an artist to watch out for … keep your ears wide open for his upcoming EP release via Modern Illusion on June 29th, as well as any other looming creative endeavors.