Here’s something for you to bang your head to, and just in time for the weekend. Portuguese hip hop and electronic producer M.A.F. cooked up a crazy tune by the name of ‘Catnip‘ that’s sure to have you wylin out. Before he was M.A.F., Pedro Correia was a musician deeply involved in the Portuguese alternative rock scene. Since then he has been inspired both personally and professionally by artists like Holly to pursue the electronic side of his productions.

‘Catnip’ is the latest banger in his musical arsenal and definitely some of his best work to date. In a flurry of heavy bass and mind altering sound design M.A.F. synthesizes breakcore, trap, and halftime with hip hop vocal chops resulting in a savory concoction that could be described as “Majestic as F#$%” 😉  M.A.F.’s latest tune was designed for you to have fun to and loose your mind on the dance floor. I think he succeeded. Go ahead and grab the track for free download and keep an eye on this guy for more dope things to come.