If you’re a frequent reader of Euphoric.net, then you already know the name Oliver Tree. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Oliver Tree has since moved to L.A. to finish art school and carve his second path into the music industry, after a rocky start some several years before.  This time around he’s not holding anything back, donning a bowl hair cut, frequently wearing track suit with a 90’s Dixie cup design, and rocking his Razor scooter in a symbolic middle finger to the modern pop industry that’s all too often focused on image rather than the music.

And it seems to be working. With only four tracks on Soundcloud.com, he already has over 16,000 followers and frequently collaborates with another L.A. transplant via San Jose, Getter.

tree 2

Eleven days ago, Tree dropped his second latest single of the month, a three and a half minute beautiful and upbeat track called, “All I Got.” His high-pitched, yet vaguely sad, vocals belt out “Everything I lost/but baby you’re all I got/I don’t believe in the creator/I don’t believe in an all-powerful god/I just believe in kindness/I just believe in mindfulness” make this a touchingly sweet and endearing pop track.

“All I Got” was released on the heels of Oliver Tree’s debut on the Shoreline Stage in Mountain View for BFD on Saturday, June 10th.