What do you get when you cross the legendary hip hop skills of L.A.’s Aceyalone with some of the world’s most cutting edge electronic music producers?? The answer is Action Accessed!

Two years ago the original concept for ‘Access’ came to fruition when Aceyalone teamed up with Minneapolis producer Bionik to create their genre bending album. Jam packed with trappy snare fills, dubstep-inspired basslines, and other-dimensional sound design ‘Action’ hit the hip hop world like a ton of bricks. Fast forward to the present and what we have is a one of a kind remix album featuring artists from around the globe.

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One of those remixes comes from a good friend of Euphoric’s hailing all the way from the Blue Mountains of Australia. Coming in hot after his stellar remix of Megan Hamilton’s ‘Banana Phantom’, Dysphemic crushed his Aceyalone remix out of the park. In what might be our favorite remix off the whole of Action Accessed, Dysphemic brings his signature sophisticated glitch hop sound creating a one of a kind, high energy flip on an already dope tune. From the second it starts ‘Handlin my Bidness’ is a powerful combination of raw hip hop lyricism and gritty forward thinking sound design. A hybridization of organic vocals and and synthetic production techniques, this tune is the epitome of the future of music…

Be sure to check out the rest of the remixes and grab Dysphemic’s track for free download!