In his forthcoming ep release via Modern Illusion, Cameron Hollabaugh, “Cambot” creates what seems like a musical map where each track is a destination that holds a whimsical  journey strung throughout each one. I got the pleasure of getting a sneak peek into the Truckee native’s newest collection of tunes titled “Diseased.” The ep begins with “Crossroads,” a perfect blend of twinkling melodies and wonky interludes from start to finish. The track is somewhat soft at first, with airy undertones and and a simplistic rhythm. Streaming towards the beginning of the track, a heavier beat begins to take place along with eclectic bounce as more prominent buildups are embellished. By the third phase, the delicate ambience of the track begins to fade out and a sharper, more hard hitting beat comes to focus. A short repetition from the first segment of the track comes back around at the very end, creating a polished and powerful finish. All around the track was a prime example of intricate and innovative sound technique. After hearing each track from the artist’s most recent compilation, I can’t help but focus on the immense detail to auditory design and authenticity of noise that is so evident in each one of the tunes.

Not only is he a remarkable producer, but Cambot is highly skilled in the art of beatboxing. Sift through the artist’s social media and you’ll find countless videos demonstrating his ability to create gitch and wubbage simply from oral reverberation. You can check out “Diseased” on May 25th per Modern Illusion, and catch a glimpse of the masterpiece now through the Euphoric release of  “Crossroads.” Close your eyes and enjoy where the journey takes you.