With performances at events such as Lightning in a Bottle and Coachella, LA based versatile producer and instrumentalist Pyrotec AKA Caesar Garcia has already silently been making waves for more than a decade. Released this past Friday, “Neglected Individuals Gaining Great Access” was created to bring light to a word meant to oppress. The song powerfully transforms this word into an anthem for growth for all people. Given our current political status, Pyrotec’s message seems especially relevant and speaks of a brighter tomorrow.

Pyrotec skillfully blends together hip hop beats and live instrumentation to create a sound that is somehow reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine, well known for their powerful political messages. Pyrotec’s beats are accompanied by the lyrical flow of CJ Soul who delivers a powerful message about an America that brings equality to all. With his excellent use of┬ápercussive drum beats, accented guitar riffs and synths, and memorable melody, Pyrotec proves his versatility and skill as a producer.