Another day, another sick tune from the man Mike.iLL. This prolific producer seems to have a never ending stream of inspiration, consistently delivering cutting edge dance floor material.The latest, ‘Date Modified Tomorrow’, features Subduktion and SuDs who help to lay down some of their hardest hitting trippy bass yet. This wild tune is the debut premiere from Mike.iLL’s forthcoming ‘Destination West Coast’ EP out May 16th on ShadowTrix Music.

In a constant state of leveling up Mike.iLLs new EP is a lesson in West Coast bass music. With 12 originals, collabs, and remixes you could say it’s pretty stacked. Out of all those choice cuts, ‘DMT’ was probably my favorite. Extra saucy sound design and fierce bass hits saturate the air waves. Not to mention all the psychedelic sound effects thrown in there seemingly chaotically but with calculated precision. This deadly three piece combo brought the heat with this one. My fingers are crossed he drops this banger at Emissions next weekend loud af.

You can catch Mike.iLL this spring/summer in 6 states on his Destination West Coast Tour hitting up a variety of dope events like EmissionsThe Pirate Party in Montana and many many more. In the mean time turn this one up and enjoy!


Art by: Liz Weickum

Graphic Designer & Visual Artist