In an ocean of beats and sounds, MPC’s and 1210’s, there exists an artist by the name of Sepalot, and this is his world. Hot off the heels of his captivating release ‘Hide&‘, (part one of his forthcoming diptych album ‘Hide&Seek‘), German producer Sebastian Weiss AKA Sepalot delivers an exclusive 30 minute mix that can only be described as Euphoric. As if that wasn’t enough, he took a second of his busy time to answer a few questions we had about his new album. Read below to see what he said…but first make sure to hit that play button!!


Sepalot jumps right into the mix opening it up with his insanely catchy tune ‘Hide and Freak’, immediately immersing listeners in his signature future beats sound. Sepalot’s style stretches across the genre map; I really love the diversity he offers throughout this mix, touching on multiple themes while keeping it flush. Left field club music built on an infrastructure of emotion and technical mastery, you can tell he takes the art form of DJing seriously as he transitions tracks seamlessly with the precision of a jazz master. Traversing from hip hop to dubstep, pleasant future chords to bangin’ 808’s – it’s 30 dynamic minutes that’s as appropriate on the couch as it is on the dance floor.

If you like what you hear I strongly urge you to check out the ‘Hide&’ LP. My favorite track can be heard at the 16 minute mark and is called ‘Schikane‘. See what Sepalot had to say below.

Euphoric: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Sebastian! You’re new album is amazing! From where did you draw the inspiration for ‘Hide&’?

Sepalot: The most inspiring is music by other musicians. Music that does not resemble what I do has a big impact on me. Art in general is a great inspiration. I often work with a rounded concept artist. These works have a strong influence on my music.

‘Schikane’ is probably my favorite track I’ve heard from the album. Can you tell us a bit about that song and what it means to you?

To be honest, I can not tell you much about it. I try to write songs like this one as loose as possible and without any calculus.


‘Hard Rain’, your collaboration with Angela Aux, is a beautiful piece of music. Do you often collaborate with other artists using different instruments and interfaces?

I like working with other musicians. But I also enjoy it to work very selfishly and without making any compromises. Instrumental music offers a lot of space and I like to fill this space alone. I have had a band for many years and I can say that democracy and art are not always the best friends 😉

Did you grow up playing instruments? Who were some of your biggest influences?

On the instruments I am largely autodidact.


Very cool. What can we expect from Sepalot in 2017?

The follow up album „seek“ and a lot of live shows!

Thank you so much Sepalot! We’ll have to get you stateside soon!