Highlighting some of his upcoming tour stops, Euphoric had the chance to ask bass artist Starkey some questions about his music style and labels. You can catch him May 16th at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz!

Q: On social media, your genre is listed as “street bass” ….. What does that include?

A: In the mid-2000s, when we were throwing so many regular events in Philly, there was this trend for people to put like 10 genres on their flyers for their nights.  One day, Dev79, who I run Seclusiasis with, just threw out the term street bass using it to explain what we do.  And I thought it sounded great.  I was like, why don’t we just put Street Bass on the next show flier and that’s it.  It’s an all encompassing, non-specific phrase, that explains what we thought about the music we were playing

Q: It seems like Philly is a great place to pull inspiration from as an artist… do you often find yourself finding a muse within your city?

A: Not really honestly.  I’ve lived in Philly for half my life, and it’s a great place to live in my opinion.  It’s also a tough music city.  There’s a lot of competition for people’s attention and the club scene is pretty poor.  So one really has to hustle to get seen and heard.  I do enjoy the drive along the river on Kelly Drive and through Fairmount Park on Lincoln Drive, when there’s no traffic obviously.  It’s a good time to listen to mixes.

Q: Are there any other artists have have particularly influenced the style of music you create?

A: I was always a fan of modern classical, jazz, and synth music, post rock, as well as 90s trip hop.  Then I got into the ‘IDM’ scene, followed by grime and dubstep.  I think the music I’m making, and have always made, has been the sum of all of these things.  The difference being that sometimes the output leans one way or another.  But all of these things have always been influences.  Some of my favorite artists of all time are Billie Holiday, the Beatles, Portishead, early Tricky records, Mogwai, and Sigur Ros are probably the people I’ve listened to the most in my life.  But there are loads of things that were huge influences as well, like hearing “I Luv U” for the first time or “Boys Luv Girls”.  Those were big.

Q: You’re a co-owner and runner of 3 different record labels, tell us a little about your goals for those labels and what you aim to create with them

A: Seclusiasis is the home of the “street bass” sound… and so everything that falls into more hiphop leaning, or footwork, or general club music.  We are known for doing the Street Bass Anthems compilations as well as the “bpm” comp series.  Slit Jockey Records is pretty much grime and dubstep…. or anything that falls in that world.  NOREMIXES is modern classical, synth and ambient music… for the most part.  However, there are some other ‘electronic’, and organic, song-based stuff we’ve done as well.

Q: You have multiple tour dates coming up including a stop in Santa Cruz and the Moonshine Festival in Georgia… what can your fans and viewers expect from these tour stops?

A: Should be fun.  My sets are always kind of eclectic, however, there’s a heavy dose of my original music, grime and my friends’ music as well.  I try to make my sets unique and ones you won’t hear by any other DJ