“Creating music from the earth and beats for the streets”, Noetik the Alchemist is a music producer, instrumentalist, composer, poet, turntablist, Hip Hop dancer, and more who has been spinning records since 2004. In 2008 he started dabbling in audio production and ever since he’s been formulating rich sonic expressions through the use of worldly instruments, inventive lyricism, and a unique embodiment of West Coast bass.

Drawing inspiration from from a hip hop background and other organic influences ‘Green Destiny’ is a melting pot of auditory consequence. Noetik conjures a solid foundation over which he fuses tablas, berimbaus and wood winds like the Xiao bamboo flute, manifesting a captivating and ethereal lead. These lush vibrations are weaved amongst each other with deep bass wubs and temporal percussion melted together in true alchemist fashion.

Noetik the Alchemist’s  ‘Bamboo By The Bay’ EP drops tomorrow on Street Ritual

Check out all their music here: http://music.streetritual.com/music