In times of need music can be the perfect get away from the daily grind. Whether it’s indulging in a full length album after work, listening to a mix during lunch, or sneaking some headphones around with you everywhere – it can change your state of mind. In the case of todays musical retreat we have some smooth and hypnotic drum and bass that’s both energizing and meditative.

‘No Name’ is some pure drum and bass bliss from UK artist DJ TRAX, featuring live drums played by the one and only KJ SAWKA. An OG when it comes to the DnB and jungle underground, DJ Trax has been dropping tracks (pun intended) and rinsing beats since before you were born. This atmospheric tune is layered with intricate percussion that almost evokes a trance like stupor in it’s rhythmic complexity. Through contemplative drum lines, eerie sytnhs, and cybernated leads ‘No Name’ grabs the attention of the wandering mind.

DJ Trax’s ‘20,000 Beats Under The Sea’ EP, featuring four diverse DnB and Jungle cuts will be available this month on vinyl and digital from Dutch label Tempo Records.