What do you get when you mix the European funk influence of Megan Hamilton with the gangsta lyricism of Fresco Ballout and the dank sound design of Australian producer Dysphemic?? A fucking next level banger that’s what!

Minneapolis producer and vocalist Megan Hamilton  has been making some major strides in the electronic music community lately. The latest is her Photosynthetic remix album featuring the likes of Unlimited Gravity, Defunk, Dreamers Delight, Grid Division, and many more. Over the next few weeks she will be dropping a different remix off her album each week, totaling 10 in all. Well today is week two and probably my favorite song off the whole remix comp.


Dysphemic‘s remix of ‘Banana Phantom‘ caught my attention immediately with it’s emphasis on fierce sound design and deep glitch hop and dubstep vibes. It’s a phenomenal flip on an already dope tune, touching on a combination of styles and resulting in a special blend of mystical gangsta funk that will rattle your gourd. Dysphemic has been on our radar for a minute now and we couldn’t be more excited to help share such an exciting remix.

Keep an eye on all these artists because they are all crushing the game right now.