Let’s face it. In 2017 it’s hard to find solid, smart, independent hip hop. With a genre that started in the streets it’s becoming more and more mainstreaming, creating songs specifically for the club or car radio. Then there are artists like Sadistik.

Cutting his teeth in the mid-2000 scene in Seattle, Washington, Sadistik has held it down for creative, one-of-a-kind hip hop. Often compared to legendary artists like the late Eyedea, Sadistik holds down real, raw, true-to-life hip hop and lyrics while maintaining a fun and party vibe. Signed to Equal Vision Records, he has held down the underground scene since his early days of debuting his first album, The Balancing Act.

After a long-awaited announcement, his fourth LP, Altar, dropped this month and people are eating up the downloads like Pac-Man on pellets. He’s currently on tour with Nacho Picasso and Rafael Vigilantics and while us West Coasters are out of luck at the end of April, all of our Mid-Western brothers and sisters still have a chance to be schooled by one of the realest in the underground. Plus, Altar is even on vinyl for a limited run for all of us collectors and/or purists.