After a year’s worth of creative shedding, Oakland/Humboldt bass artist Psy Fi has released an album consisting of 9 tracks, as well as a full album mix. Each track can be listened to on its own, or enjoyed as a compilation of all songs on track #10, which streams as a continuous tune. A sensual and spacey cadence is evident within each track, making for a smooth flowing collection of sounds. Some female vocal essence is placed in perfect unison throughout the entire album, creating a reminiscent melodic dub impression. Each track seemingly takes you on a journey through time, space, and perplexing vortexes as it emits dark and hard hitting beats along with tranquil and airy undertones. After speaking with Miles (Psy Fi), he explained his idea for “Totality” was inspired by his lifelong interest and passion for science fiction films and the sounds that resonate with them. The cover art done for this particular album was created by artist Tobias Roetsch before Miles began the tracks, which resulted in him creating a musical story based upon the art, pulling inspiration from the visuals. Due to the highly vivid and perceptible content of the album, advanced stage mapping and design amongst Miles’ tour is essential. VJ and stage designer VJDumps along with The Likquid Projekt brought together the “Totality AV” stage, and can be gazed upon at Psy Fi’s four upcoming tour dates along the west coast in Arcata 4/21, Reno 4/29, Oakland 5/3, and Bend 5/13.

You can purchase “Totality” here: