What do you get when you mix together elements from voluptuous swing, funky glitch, and some dope hip hop??  The answer is a recipe guaranteed to get the dance floor popping!

Northern California DJ mALaRkEy has 20+ years experience, from vinyl to digital, doing just that. To help welcome spring time mALaRkEy hooked us up with a pleasant mix of music both old and new. A true master of mashing together classic songs with finely tuned futuristic glitch hop, this adept DJ creates a style all his own: ghetto swing. Sultry horns, ghetto lyricism, jazzy swing and a steady mid tempo bass line are seamlessly blended together in a contiuous catalogue of classy vibrations. The decades of experience really shine through not just in technique but in selection as well. This exclusive mini mix is not only honey for the eardrums but is an exercise in skilled DJ abilities.

mALaRkEy has been throwing events in his hometown of Sebastopol for over 6 years bringing out incredible talent and helping pioneer the culture there. Check out the The jUkE jOiNt if you’re ever in the area for some great music. Who knows you might even get to see him swing a set. Enjoy!